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Stunningly, unique, personalised for baby's 1st or other child birthday or other events like baby showers or tea party banners.

Our Party Banners are made, utilising supreme graphics to make your child's Birthday Party stand out from the rest.

The Party Banners are not printed using computer cut lettering & there is one main reason for this. GRAPHICS. When using cut lettering the graphics need to be cut & stuck on top, limiting the look & features of the birthday or party banner.

The banners are printed directly on 90gsm plain or premium paper in two sizes 21cm or *30cm x 102cm. The premium paper has a special layer of RTG on top that increases the intensity of colours, quality of graphics and photos. A sample of plain versus premium is below.

For those on a budget we have our plain paper range. The prints still look great but the premium will stand out from the rest.

The premium paper banners allows new state of the art printing equipment with total ink saturation (full on colour, intensity), the finish gives a unique 3D look & feel.

These banners will have everyone talking.....

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*Sizes may vary slightly see our about page for more info


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