Beautiful Personalised High Quality Growth / Growth Charts
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Our Growth Height Charts become a valued keepsake.

Height Charts are also known as Growth Charts. They are used to measure the height of a child, as they grow you mark their height with a marking pen. Our height charts are themed with beautiful high quality graphics. They offer a better solution than marking door frames or walls, because the charts can be removed & placed back in the beautiful gift tube (only $4 extra) & kept as a keepsake. Our Charts are printed with long lasting high quality ink on a special card coated base or upgrade to our super strong (child proof) waterproof FABRIC version.

Your Growth Chart is unique & will be remembered for years to come, they look remarkable.

We now offer a photo blending option to make the child look apart of the Growth Chart. Just send us a photo (we will send a proof before printing) & we will work our magic to make your chart look remarkable.

CLICK HERE for further photo information.

Choose from:-

• Satin Silk Card 260gsm - (waterproof, long lasting ink)

• Super Fabric - CHILD PROOF (tear proof, waterproof, long lasting ink)

Don't have the child's details? No worries.

If you don't know the child's details like born, weight or length etc... just leave that area blank.

When we get the order we will omit those details INCLUDING the leading text, so it does not look blank or odd. If you don't supply any details we will delete the text box altogether & you will see the natural background. We will also fill it with more illustrations, if it looks odd. So, don't worry it won't look blank. We are the experts & we want your gift to look 100%.

We don't just print it, we look first & check. If we find something odd we will contact you. (please see our about page for more info.)

4 different rulers (you can select your ruler type when placing order):

Or buy our larger charts where the ruler starts from 50cm - 2 metres or 2ft - 7ft. The larger charts are a massive 32cm wide x 1.6 metres long, (you can select your size when placing order) .

If buying for a gift, Click here to find out more information about our beautiful Growth Chart gift tubes.

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